jogging in berlin

it's everywhere.
     the silk mask of the arab granny. her giant attack dog.
          the market fruitsman’s smiley manbun.
  the girl, bike and handy on the bridge over the canal at dawn.
    the desiccated babywear found under an old house on stilts.
                             it needs to be dated. ‘50s?

    the group at the café, 5, an excited emoticon floating above them.
          hard-hatted men under a giant crane piercing the sky. this city is not done yet.
    it will never be done. that is its choice.
            it can handle everything including poets, tattoo removal and neu nazis.
                                           it may even regain its hipness but a lot of people may need to leave first.
                      saying hallo to the cornermeisters of Goerlitzer Park, my right cruciate ligament registers a sharp pain.
           feeling of shame at not being able to name the trees.
    some botched party conversations beneath a floating #awkward hashtag.
            a cat on a wall lost in its yellow-eyed cat dream.
     feeling of dread at having to update CV.
  remembrance of a perfect union.
angela merkel in a large black car.
      the butcher offers a lunch service.
    the line is long.
       a lot of children on the street.


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