touched once

     flow never ends
each other us
 astral dipped not sand blown indead bleu 
cute wrung roses cut wrong
            fugitives pricked in the nite
anything plucked
other than loveeven
    when un
love is notloving hot
    living moments
touched once
   dessicated by time's fade
tendencies & moontide lit up tripping
the hot-wired chaos of totally everything...

who knows what holdsor
   who cansay
in the tide of sense&sensuality
passion's levée never breaks dipping all
    we are in the miraculous river toe
    or head
puncturing our coin flip
encasing our learning
giving these yelp-hurled souls the crisp quantum earth
stealing moments in flame
in the everyday step-yip
    twitch-lounge-beat-shake-trip             slake
this sweet solar chanson...

who knows what holds?
  what gives
when hands unite
or bodies bleed
mouths taste
  another,    time
   that godless dance
         blows crimson free


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