journey to bike racing

-I used to just like riding around.
-then I joined a cycling club in Montpellier - SudVelo - and started doing longer group rides and liked that too.
-then a couple of cyclosportifs like l'ariegeoise last year and the tour de france stage for the public thing.
-I like the longer rides - often feel better the longer they go.
-probably a slow twitch muscle guy.
-this year the club prez puts me in the racing team. she puts me in cat3.
-I have been entering short races of about 70-80k where you blast out of the blocks at 40+k/h.
-races start with 2 groups. Cat1,2,3. Cat4,5 usually a few minutes later.
-I get spat out the back of the cat1,2,3 group within first 10k already cooked from effort of trying to stay on.
-ride alone.
-about half way round get passed by the cat4,5 peloton.
-finish at the very back with maybe someone recovering from injury or a child or someone with a mechanical.
-but i still love riding. and I’m getting stronger.

-and I will stay with the pack one day.


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