Mumbai. A coffee shop that says 'because a lot happens over coffee'; shanghai vibes, smells, road mayhem; Soraya's kindness at noon baker; Renault seafood restaurant where only men eat, noisily; the slums RIGHT before the airport runway; fatigue flatness in evil dubai; django unchained on the plane; thé utter gaud of Dubai - 'living proof buckets of money does not buy style' said friend RJ; excellent fucking squid; passing thoughts of work and betterment - or extrication; prawn curry less fucking good; half the time wondering wtf am I doing here;

that's just a day in Bombay; goa passes by blissdreamed blue-sea-ed; thé anjuna night market is enormous and exciting if not for the stall holders; hampi has enormous boulders, indo-chine like temples, a palm valley in red dirt 40 degree non-monsoon zode; there are train rides in sleepers, slow trains crawling over india; there are taxis driven close to many collusions; there are collisions; exploring, it's worth it you know...


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