the heart came on like a grey aunty

sun still shines through plane window panes
see orangeorb 30k ft closer

when the turbulence hits
it's the steward’s

“please fasten your seatbelts &
please place your trays in the
upright position please!!”

will he be sacked for that betrayal
of the air code?

the heart came on like a grey aunty
enervated by a jetlostjello jardin party.

will we join the sun?
    we don’t.
we joke about his fear
as blue skies return calm.

     joined in escape.

         & when we get down
there on the ground…
we’ll divide

& jettison the experience



  1. The poem's tail is a corkscrew,
    tugging a buffeted cork-fuselage
    dried in solar wind earthward.

    In other words, the end is very good.

  2. i won't be jettisoning those kind words...


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