shall we discuss elements
you & i
(& all our followers)
beats we found
(&shared on soundcloud twitter shareit dippity face
book spotify myspace google+             oh,
& the CIA)
                   ? shall we
      discuss hirst
           after fucking to grungejazz
       or laugh at brian sewel
          or the viscereal realists
   smoking in lost beds
                                    on lost blue sky sundays?
                                                                                            shall we?
        go down these bleunoir streets
               stuttering tweets
          sticky in jeans
      & apolitical Ts
          kidulting  free in south
     france western free
           time not seen?
                                                        shall we take these
      discuss these elements?
lusting forms
      in mountain passes
         solely dusk
                & moondusk
         forming water conservation
                 with nature’s girls
       just there
          by that charming picturesque delightful rustic valley village fireflyorangeglowing in the eternal dusk of man
                                                  & woman
           let us go then you & i…
                                                        flipping back
       flipped back
    is it time, gentleman?
           to suck again
      take form against
         these elements?
reaching for android:
              hooking up again
        buckling the compounds
     straps whipped to the stars
          bruising andromeda belts
                like elements
        be.                                                           some


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