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Guest author: James Ricks

Working for an Ex-cop
I have a feeling she’d rather be talking to me. I have a feeling that, if asked to rate the conversations she had participated in that day, her conversation with me would get the top rating. She had a slender, white neck. Maternal, dark brown eyes. A soft voice. Round, attractive hips. We talked about the value of social connection for the elderly and the mentally ill. Later, Briony asked me if I thought she was flirty, the question was in connection to her telling Potty that Gerhardt had told her that she smiled too much. I told her ‘no comment’, which offended her. I then had to explain that the reason I did not want to comment was to avoid offending her. This seemed to have a calming effect on her. Potty called me witty. She then qualified this statement by adding that we were both, Briony and I, witty people.
I picked Brendan up on Ferndale road in Dalleyellup, in front of his girlfriend’s house. I had to wait ten minutes before I had to call back to the office t…

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