Thursday, 5 October 2017

Status update

Monday, 26 June 2017

jogging in berlin

it's everywhere.
     the silk mask of the arab granny. her giant attack dog.
          the market fruitsman’s smiley manbun.
  the girl, bike and handy on the bridge over the canal at dawn.
    the desiccated babywear found under an old house on stilts.
                             it needs to be dated. ‘50s?

    the group at the café, 5, an excited emoticon floating above them.
          hard-hatted men under a giant crane piercing the sky. this city is not done yet.
    it will never be done. that is its choice.
            it can handle everything including poets, tattoo removal and neu nazis.
                                           it may even regain its hipness but a lot of people may need to leave first.
                      saying hallo to the cornermeisters of Goerlitzer Park, my right cruciate ligament registers a sharp pain.
           feeling of shame at not being able to name the trees.
    some botched party conversations beneath a floating #awkward hashtag.
            a cat on a wall lost in its yellow-eyed cat dream.
     feeling of dread at having to update CV.
  remembrance of a perfect union.
angela merkel in a large black car.
      the butcher offers a lunch service.
    the line is long.
       a lot of children on the street.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


Take a look at @ziggymonde's Tweet:

Thursday, 27 October 2016

someone sends a photo

of forgotten times and places
from a wheelchair the sun reaches me dappled through winter poplars
in front of the provence rehab clinic where I reside
I do not recognise the face in the photo
it is full of folly
a party in brighton, england
old friends are there
young adults
how do their spirits glow?
and now?
these journeys under the sun.
how did they go?
how will they be spoken of?
what does death think of them?
when all folly will be released

to the heat of the sun

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

touched once

     flow never ends
each other us
 astral dipped not sand blown indead bleu 
cute wrung roses cut wrong
            fugitives pricked in the nite
anything plucked
other than loveeven
    when un
love is notloving hot
    living moments
touched once
   dessicated by time's fade
tendencies & moontide lit up tripping
the hot-wired chaos of totally everything...

who knows what holdsor
   who cansay
in the tide of sense&sensuality
passion's levée never breaks dipping all
    we are in the miraculous river toe
    or head
puncturing our coin flip
encasing our learning
giving these yelp-hurled souls the crisp quantum earth
stealing moments in flame
in the everyday step-yip
    twitch-lounge-beat-shake-trip             slake
this sweet solar chanson...

who knows what holds?
  what gives
when hands unite
or bodies bleed
mouths taste
  another,    time
   that godless dance
         blows crimson free

Saturday, 20 February 2016


far off
near silver hills
other lives roule
   en dimanche. steps taken
by cliff-framed dramatic rills.
     facebook may hint
        at emotional content…
     what was her name?
   shared with her? who
  is back from seeing this user’s
real content.    traversing
  paths with animals
      & children
  under a blue windless provence sun sky.  
a thought for an appropriate emoji? photos
& memories collide. disintegrate
in loves’ cloudless dumb cry. hands
    welcome wrinkles
    not fingers entwined
  run softly
    by nail
bark drying beneath another new moon
    another hill,
an other life
from under the ever-cycling sun.